Our mission

The growing climate crisis has made consumers more conscious of what they buy. Now two-thirds of consumers say it has become even more important to limit the impact of climate change.

 GoEthical is an online and app-based ethical marketplace bridging the reality and demand mismatch; where only 8% of sales are on sustainable goods and 45% of UK consumers actively seek them. Our opportunity is to consolidate this highly fragmented eco online and app retail market which the pandemic has further accelerated by 2-5 years.

We make it simple to go ethical for the next generation of shoppers.

Shop with purpose

Enabling consumers to shop all things ethical under one roof, with over 150 vetted brands and over 6,500 products. Each brand is vetted against 13 eco values, so consumers can trust against greenwashing and save time as we’ve done the hard work for them.

Sell with purpose

 Supporting budding entrepreneurs in the artisan and second-hand markets through to established businesses in the ethical market. By providing them a platform that aligns with their values and access to a diverse app customer base – we have proven seller demand and an ability to quickly scale this seller base.

Live with purpose

We’ll be building in the services and tools to enable consumers to create a daily discipline in sustainability in their own lives.

This so far has been primarily delivered through an app-based platform in line with our long term strategy and consumer spend behaviours, we have just launched an-ecommerce site in addition as part of our plans for short term sales growth, brand and product presence and overall domain authority